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Word reference file for BT shows

brido | 16 years ago | 2 comments

I am afraid I am a lazy bugger and do not often create title from scratch in BT, rather i modify the... Read Article

Star Wars Effect

michiel | 16 years ago | 14 comments

Here's an attempt to re-create the famous Star Wars intro. I've used the DVD of the last movie... Read Article

Alien Particle

michiel | 16 years ago | 4 comments

This an hypnotizing particle effect that looks very good when played in a dark room. I've placed... Read Article

How to create a creditroll without getting bored

michiel | 16 years ago | 12 comments

Most producers think that a creditroll can't be anything but a 2D scroller. Of course this can easily... Read Article

3D Frames

michiel | 16 years ago | 3 comments

This file contains four 3D models of frames that can be used to present sport scores, competition results... Read Article

This gallery is open!

michiel | 16 years ago | 1 comment

Welcome to the gallery opening party! To kick off the gallery, here's a nice 3D model of a winebottle.... Read Article

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LostBoyz: Thank you all! Filip ,astronaut the video :) 15 hours ago

komies: Very nice composition, LostBoyz Great use of the Running... 22 hours ago

vincent: Fantastic 🤩🤩🤩 a day ago

lightads: Bloody nice advert for Bluff. a day ago

Filip: Avec Cartoon Animator. a day ago

PAT67: Magnifique a day ago

PAT67: Excellent Filip. Le mouvement des lèvres est... a day ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Superbe ! a day ago

Filip: Wow, great show. The astronaut real 3d or video? a day ago

LostBoyz: Cool show Alex-Raymond T. :) a day ago

LostBoyz: Nice show Filip. a day ago

vincent: very good. a day ago

PAT67: J'adore la miss Avatar ,trop sympa.Bravo Raymond a day ago

PAT67: Belles innovations a day ago

Filip: Nice! a day ago

Filip: Beg to differ! Is not the same. A simple extra text... a day ago

maggico: Magnifique ! Tu es un champion !!! a day ago

michiel: Thank you all! a day ago

michiel: Nice storytelling! a day ago

vincent: Raymond, malgré les petits défauts que... a day ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Superbe ! a day ago

Franco Aversa: Great effect. I really like it very much. a day ago

LostBoyz: Awesome! :) a day ago

komies: A Serverroom would be ultimate with a admin display... a day ago

michiel: The white spheres act as patch panels, but of course... a day ago

michiel: Nice composition idea! I would keep it simple and... 2 days ago

chaver: thank you Michiel 2 days ago

komies: Could there be also a more realtic cable mangement... 2 days ago

lightads: Yea, it's the Matrix. Great addition. 2 days ago

vincent: interesting! 2 days ago

michiel: Chaver, maybe increasing the wind speed with the FX... 2 days ago

Filip: Didn't know this one. It's an nice addition,... 2 days ago

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