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It's time to decorate the world!

Download media files (102.7 KB)

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Thanks Michiel so much!!

Just another reason I LOVE BT!!

dibbkd, 17 years ago

nice one.

JimH, 17 years ago

Wow....amazing effect! Look at thoose two .png pictures blending together with a nice additive effect.... marvellous!

Tukkermando, 17 years ago

Klasse Effect!

Ulli, 17 years ago

A very nice effect. Thanks.

hidalgo, 17 years ago


FIMoore, 17 years ago

Wow, that is just beautiful!

lkingston, 17 years ago

How is that effect acheived with the light behind the earth ?(so it looks like the sun is almost elclipsed by the earth?)
Thanks heaps!

Andrew C, 17 years ago

Layer 4 (the sun) is using the 3D IN BACKGROUND mode (2nd dropdown below the text box)

michiel, 17 years ago

I'm not sure why, but when I was experimenting with the settings, it creates keyframes across all layers. I'll trying ROTATE TEXT, but there are already keyframes there, and deleteing them deletes all of the keyframes (The ALL LAYERS box is not checked, but some of the layers have ALL KEYS checked, and if I uncheck it, it rechecks itself later.)

It would be nice to have some actual forum software, to make this stuff a little easier to discuss.

MeBeJedi, 16 years ago

Some properties like FONT SIZE, BEVEL and FLEXIBILITY automatically flag the ALL KEYS checkbox when you select them. The reason for this is that it's very unlikely that you would want to animate them.

But if you want you can unflag the ALL KEYS checkbox and animate those props just like any other prop.

michiel, 16 years ago

I wish I could. EVERY layer shows the keyframes, regardless of whichever property I choose, and regardless of whether the ALL LAYERS box is checked. I just upgraded to Ver. 7.13. Anyone else have this problem?

MeBeJedi, 16 years ago

This page explains the checkboxes:


michiel, 16 years ago

Let me re-explain the important part: "and regardless of whether the ALL LAYERS box is checked."

I know how the ALL LAYERS box works, and I know how the ALL KEYS button works. What I am trying to say is, regardless of the setting, I am seeing the keys across all the layers.

I guess I'm just not going to find the answers here...

MeBeJedi, 16 years ago

Interesting issue!

Can you give step by step instructions how to reproduce this problem? Please make the the menu item FILE > NEW SHOW the first step.

Really curious to find out what's happening here!

michiel, 16 years ago

Better than that. Download this "Painter" demonstration. What I was trying to do was to add TEXT ROTATION to the words. I wanted a nice, even 360' rotation from beginning to end, but because every layer has keys (spacing, position, etc.), I cannot do it.

MeBeJedi, 16 years ago

How about rotating the camera layer instead?

The alternative, rotating the text layers, isn't that hard because text layers 8,9 and 10 only have 3 keyframes which means that you only have to update 3 keyframes to do the rotation.

michiel, 16 years ago

Really stupid question from a newbie... Does BT have to connect to the net to retrieve the image files you used? If I wanted to save this show for work on a non-internet pc, would I get an error msg? How can I obtain the image files if this is the case? Thank you, I loved this intro. ~al

alcain, 16 years ago

You can store the animation on your harddisk by choosing SETTINGS / TOOL WINDOW followed by FILE / SAVE SHOW + ALL MEDIA FILES.

When you copy those files to a computer not connected to the internet it will play fine.

michiel, 16 years ago

wow i would love a copy of that to make one for my vidcast. ;)

ATF Podcast, 16 years ago

You already have a copy: choose SETTINGS / TOOL WINDOW

michiel, 16 years ago

i must be missing something... i can edit it? i just purchased the software...

ATF Podcast, 16 years ago

never mind i got it hehee

ATF Podcast, 16 years ago

i need intructions in how to load this animations into
blufftitler thanks.

juanito, 15 years ago

On the help page you can find out how to open this animation:


michiel, 15 years ago

Thamk you good quick paint work

MalcMitz, 15 years ago

verramente bello complimenti

Pollice, 15 years ago

Message for Michiel
from Luke Skywalker

Can you create a show like the universal intro ?

Luke Skywalker, 15 years ago

Yes I can. How about this:


michiel, 15 years ago

I'm new to BT, as of yesterday, and I'm fairly new to editing, although very comfortable with tracks/frames, keyframes, etc. I'm trying to emulate what you're doing here with fading the "Time to Decorate the World" text out left to right. I'm editing an old home movie (vacation, 1989) and would like to bring in a descriptive font, then either gently vaporize it or fade it, left to right, as you do here. However, I can't figure out how you're doing it. I turned all layers except that text layer off, and I still don't see how you're doing it. Mind sharing? Thanks.

dogwalker, 14 years ago

I think you are looking for the FLEXIBILITY property of the text layer. More info about this property can be found here:


michiel, 14 years ago

Thanks, Michiel!

dogwalker, 14 years ago

"You can store the animation on your harddisk by choosing SETTINGS / TOOL WINDOW followed by FILE / SAVE SHOW + ALL MEDIA FILES.

When you copy those files to a computer not connected to the internet it will play fine.

by michiel, November 8th 2007"

I'm 4 years late into this but...

When I run that show and use File > Save Show + All Media Files, it gets saved as a single BT file. This is what I see in the Save window:
File name: Painters.bt
Save as type: BluffTitler Show Files (.BT)

That doesn't seem any different to a basic show save. How are the extra files accessed by the show?
Terry, East Grinstead, UK

terrypin, 12 years ago

Maybe this info can help:


michiel, 12 years ago

I think I can now answer my own earlier question. The files are in a subfolder called Textures, which already appears to be present.

But may i raise another question please. I've attached a short clip of part of my own simple adaptation of the show. Two things are puzzling me:

1.Why does the animation continue beyond the last KF? (There are no later KFs in any other layer.)

2. How is the fading of the text characters being achieved?

Terry, East Grinstead, UK

terrypin, 12 years ago

I think the answer is the FLEXIBILITY property:


michiel, 12 years ago

Thanks Michiel, understood.

Terry, East Grinstead, UK

terrypin, 12 years ago

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