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Franco Aversa | a week ago | 10 comments | 153 views

I'm making an informative video where the graphic has changed the font color in the same text.
I made two (or more) overlapping layers with two different text colors
and I match where the text has changed color.
Is there a less difficult method? (I'm doing 30 slides)
In the future it would be possible to change color instead of the text layer, to the single letter - word within the same layer.
Proceeding with Texture would also be difficult.

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Hi Franco, I had asked a similar question here

GaspareNet, a week ago

Your picture looks like a business presentation created in PowerPoint.

We have created BluffTitler to have more fun 😜

michiel, a week ago

Is this what you're looking for.
Work with Cartoon.cfx. Make a cartoon colormap with the ammount of colors you need. Set the FX Charaters slider to 1. Tried to add the zip file, but its not allowed.

Filip, a week ago

Michiel did you make that in one text layer or are there 4 text layers?

Filip, a week ago

Filip, 4 text layers

michiel, a week ago

Michiel "Your picture looks like a business presentation created in PowerPoint."

I don't have to design the pages myself.
It is a statement for Covid and they told me
which must be identical in both font and everything else.
What I posted is what I copied ....
The organization that commissioned me wants it like this.
So is it right like I did with 50 levels?

Thanks Filip, but I have to put the color on the right words not by chance

Franco Aversa, a week ago

So your job is to make a copy? That kills creativity ☚ī¸ There are always unlimited ways to improve the original...

To recreate this picture in BluffTitler I think I would use 4 text layers, all with the same text, but different values for the COLOUR and WRITER props.

michiel, a week ago

@Franco look at the file:

It's not random. You have to create a cartoon colourmap with exact the same ammount of colourblocks as the sentence has words.

Filip, a week ago

@Michiel, yes their graphic designer put comic characters, but it's a static and old thing 😖 for a PDF print. I tried to give some movement ... but I couldn't change anything !!

The other time I filled the font with a colormap and inside I had put some rectangles of a different color that I dropped on the words to be colored. But now I have 30 slides like this ....
I was just wondering if in the future it will be possible to have more colors per layer.
Thank you.

* Please do not comment on the video because it is on the institution's website.

Franco Aversa, a week ago

@Filip thanks now I try !

Franco Aversa, a week ago

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