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michiel | 6 years ago | 17 comments | 16 likes | 5,029 views

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Here's a screenshot of the roller coaster track editor we're working on.

What you see is a sketch built out of 17 3D points, connected by bezier curves. The blue circles on the blue line represent the bezier control points. Click and drag the circles to change the shape of the curve.

Of course there are already many excellent 3D vector design apps including Adobe Illustrator and Sketch. We're trying to make a difference with the following features:
-it's fully 3D so it can be used not only to design 2D logos, but also 3D roller coasters, mountain roads, flight paths, fancy pool slides,...
-it features a tangent editor which is important for a 3D curve to set the roll
-it can create solid shapes in 2D as well as outlines and curves in 3D
-everything it creates is 100% compatible with BluffTitler
-to get you started it generates BluffTitler show files for the EPS and Sketch layers
-it's super easy to use!

The working title is BixWing, but it will probably be launched as a new version of Bixelangelo.

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This is an example of what you can do with 3D curves in BluffTitler!

michiel, 6 years ago

We trust you michiel,good luck in your work!

vincent, 6 years ago

Roller coasters can be drawn by hand or built out of predefined elements.

Here you can see a circular loop followed by a clothoid loop and a dive turn. This way you can build your custom rollercoaster in a few seconds!

michiel, 6 years ago

Thanks, michiel

liuyongcai, 6 years ago

Yeszz, Great Michiel

The new Bixangelo is a must have, not just for making RollerCoasters.

komies, 6 years ago

Bobsled run or Formula 1 race track anyone ??? ;-)

MrGruntHunter, 6 years ago

Your news are great, Michiel!
And yes - the new Bixelango is an must have!

Ulli, 6 years ago

I can't wait. What an excitement: Again a great improvement in such a short time.
Keep up the good work Michiel.

Filip, 6 years ago

Great Michiel

Sma, 6 years ago

Thank you all!

Selina, sketches are loaded and saved in the EPS format. Maybe SVG and PDF will be added later.

michiel, 6 years ago

BixWind can be used to create sketchs and also modify (load) already existing sketch ?

vincent, 6 years ago

Yes. That's the idea.

On this screenshot you can see Sketch_HandWritten.eps that comes with the installer. Improving the sketch by removing unnecessary points and by smoothing the curves is easy with the new app.

The working title is BixWing, but it might as well be launched as the next version of Bixelangelo.

michiel, 6 years ago

We'll have a great time! Thanks.

vincent, 6 years ago

Here's an interesting GUI challenge.

On the screenshot you can see 2 circular loops. It only takes 2 Bezier curves to render a full circle (2 extra points).

But when you combine a loop with a 180 degree twist (2 Immelmann turns) it's impossible to tell whether you want to roll clockwise or counter clockwise. A roll variable could be added, but this is probably too cryptic. Another option is to add an extra point halfway the ascend and another one halfway the descend. By dragging the tangent control points (the small turquoise open circles) you can control the roll direction. Both solutions aren't perfect.

michiel, 6 years ago


Is it possible for you to export blufftilter 360 to an exe for sending video in 360 to others without youtube or external player?
I mean add exporting to exe for blufftitler!

SamSaam, 6 years ago

We have no plans for this. BluffTitler is an app for creating video files.

michiel, 6 years ago

Oh man, Michiel, thanks for that, it will be an awesome tool for our shows !

May I also ask if there are any plans to add some motion tracking tool in BT (maybe a "tracking layer" which refers to an area you'll design in one layer and applies to another layer, which is the item you need to move -image, model, whatever-) ? It would be a very welcome addition, right now I have to switch to After effects for each time I wish to track something. I know my personal example is not relevant here, but even Pinnacle has now released a tracking tool, which works badly btw, tracking is democratizing.... BT should strike early if it does not oppose your development plans/ressources.

Adonhiram, 6 years ago

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