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michiel | 8 months ago | 21 comments | 17 likes | 2,154 views

ID Production, PeteK, SparkyVegas and 14 others like this!

Water rendering is a huge deal in games and maritime simulations, but the most fun water can be found... in your video titler!

Sit down, relax and enjoy the BluffTitler water promo!

Please don't forget to like the video on YouTube. You really help the project when you do that:

Thank you!

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The water layer has been improved and optimized in version 14.8, launched today:

michiel, 8 months ago

The user guide has been updated as well:

michiel, 8 months ago

And here's the full playlist:
0:00 Installer: Water/ (3D model of cargo ship added)
0:28 Installer: Water/
1:12 Installer: Water/
1:40 Installer: Water/
2:30 Installer: Water/
2:37 Installer: Water/
2:48 Installer: Water/
3:33 Installer: Water/
3:44 Installer: Water/
3:55 Installer: Water/
4:08 BixPack29:
4:24 BixPack28:
4:32 Installer: Water/
4:40 BixPack33 (3D model of Nessie added)
4:55 BixPack21
5:00 Installer: Water/
5:05 Installer: Water/

Don't forget to update to version 14.8:

michiel, 8 months ago


A great update to the Water Layer.

"One of the powers of BluffTitler, I haven't seen a video graphics software that can do this as fast and versatile in just 4 layers you can have a fullscreen 4k 360 degree filled animation in literally seconds."

komies, 8 months ago

Thank you Komies!

We're still finding new ways to make the water look better. By adding new features, but mostly by finetuning the existing layer properties and making the other layers, especially the light and cubemap layers cooperate. The water templates that come with the latest installer demonstrate all those tricks.

No doubt that it can still be improved. If you discover new tricks, please share them in this community. Thank you!

michiel, 8 months ago

Great update and it`s free. Thx

ID Production, 8 months ago

Fantastic! Thank you!

LostBoyz, 8 months ago

Thank you michiel.

vincent, 8 months ago

Thank you very much Michiel for this upgrade.

Eddy, 8 months ago

Great Michiel like the update and liked the video on youtube

Filip, 8 months ago

Thank you all!

michiel, 8 months ago

Merci pour cette mise à jour Michiel .
Grand spectacle très réaliste l'écume sur la 1ière séquence est parfaite

PAT67, 8 months ago

Beautiful water promo....Wow...thank you Michiel..

Dani, 8 months ago

Merci beaucoup Michiel

cheyenne, 8 months ago

I am left nearly speechless........this is an amazing feature and must be a significant feat of coding! The BluffTitler team has once again made an awesome program even better!

mmissinglink, 8 months ago

Exceptional ! Bravo Michiel and Thank you.

Alex-Raymond T., 8 months ago

Thanks for the great job !!

Franco Aversa, 8 months ago

Great update Michiel.Thank you very much

chaver, 8 months ago

The new water layer looks awesome!
Thank you so much for this update, Michiel!

Ulli, 8 months ago

Brilliant! Thanks Michiel!

Pixelpanther, 8 months ago

Thank you very much Michiel

Babe34, 8 months ago

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