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Franco Aversa | a year ago | 7 comments | 341 views

I don't remember if in Bixelangelo there is a command to join two lines that are separated and create a closed shape? Is there a command that links two points?


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Franco choose edit sketch and move the end point of a line to the beginning of the second line. They merge. You can create a loop by Joining the end of the joined lines with the beginning of the figure. No special command. Just dragging with the mouse.

Filip, a year ago

Thanks Filip.
But if the lines are two (for example) they cannot be joined to form a closed figure.
I thought there was a shortcut, but maybe I don't remember well

Franco Aversa, a year ago

Franco, I think it's not possible on actual version.

vincent, a year ago

sin would be very useful!

Franco Aversa, a year ago

Maybe I didn't understood the question. Is this what you mean?

Filip, a year ago

yes but you can only drag [point] into [circle] and it generates bezier curves resulting in changes to the starting design (fig1 -> fig4)

vincent, a year ago

Lines can only be connected by drag and drop if the directions match. An end point an only be dropped on a start point.

Unlike standard vector editing tools, the direction is important in Bixelangelo because it is used to design roller coasters.

michiel, a year ago

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