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Thor5ten | 2 weeks ago | 2 comments | 101 views

This one has bugged me for a while. I'm on the newest version of BT. I create a new project with resolution 4096x2048 set to Super High Quality. I add a VR 360° layer.

When I export a picture, the resulting image doesn't look very much antialiased (See upper picture cutout scaled to 100 %).

When I select the cubemap, which the VR layer created and export with the same settings I get a perfect result. (See lower cutout). But this way I would be missing camera effects like bloom - and I would love to have that in another project.

The only thing odd I've noticed is, that saving the first way it's super fast and in the meantime the BT title bar reverts to AA16. After I click the finish dialog away, AA36 comes back. The second way it takes some time more and AA36 stays put.

Is this a problem with BT or my setup? Any help would be greatly appreceated. A thousand thanks in advance.

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When it automatically changes from AA36 (AntiAliasing 36 samples per pixel) to AA16 (AntiAliasing 16 samples per pixel) it means that you are running out of video memory.

The user guide gives tips how to free precious video memory:

michiel, 2 weeks ago

Thanks a lot for your quick response, Michiel. Now I understand the reason for this behavior. Great failsafe and so much better than crashing, when out of memory. Time to squeeze some memory out of my video card and trying to streamline my project.

Thor5ten, 2 weeks ago

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