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Franco Aversa | a week ago | 3 comments | 89 views

Sorry, the data shown at the top of the blufftitler window is, the BluffTitler version, the show title, the resolution,the size of the window in percent, I don't remember what the 5 data is AA36 anymore, then there's the show duration.

So does AA36 mean?


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Anti Aliasing 36 samples per pixel.

When you switch to another quality setting with the menu item SETTINGS > LOW/NORMAL/HIGH/SUPER HIGH QUALITY you will see that this number changes.

I usually edit in NORMAL quality (AA4) and export in HIGH quality (AA16).

michiel, a week ago

BluffTitler automatically switches to a lower quality when you run out of video memory. For example when you try to export in a very high resolution, use a lot of high resolution textures or high poly 3D models. So it's possible that the number goes up and down with the same quality setting.

michiel, a week ago

Thanks Michiel,
I knew the quality talk, but I no longer remembered it being reported here. A thousand thanks.

Franco Aversa, a week ago

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