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michiel | 8 months ago | 23 comments | 18 likes | 1,850 views

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Physically Based Rendering (PBR) is an advanced lighting method aiming for more realism:


Biggest reason to support PBR is the fact that the GLB 3D model format uses it to define its materials. So now BluffTitler can render the models the way the designers have designed them. The screenshot gives you an idea of the visual quality.

Super easy

When you load a new model, the materials, textures and effect are fully automatically loaded and applied. So to create the above screenshot, only the basic POSITION, ROTATION and SIZE props of the model layers had to be touched.


Version 16.2 is a free update from version 16.0

For your personal upgrade offer from older versions, start BluffTitler and choose HELP > CHECK FOR UPGRADES or visit this page:


As always, the latest version can be downloaded from the download page:

3D Models

When you want to play around with the models in the screenshot, you can find them here:

Thank you

A big thank you to the Sketchfab model designers for offering a huge amount of high quality test models!

Thank you all for your suggestions, comments and other feedback!

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Using 3D models has never been easier: all you have to do is choosing LAYER > ADD LAYER > ADD MODEL LAYER...

When you are interested in the technical details, consult the user guide:

michiel, 8 months ago

OMG, all the models look like they are on the next level of realism! Thank you a million times for this update and your continued hard work on our beloved BT!!! ๐Ÿ˜

Thor5ten, 8 months ago

Fantastic! the models look so real !
One question anyway : does the new lighting method affect the old shows and modify their appearance? Thank you.

vincent, 8 months ago

Vincent, only the layers using the new PBR effect are rendered with the new lighting model. So backwards compatibility is assured.

Here's more info:

michiel, 8 months ago

Fantastic Michiel! Thank you!

LostBoyz, 8 months ago

Thnx Michiel, also nice we get a look in your shed. I think you have a masters degree (at least) in he robotica. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Filip, 8 months ago

I tried PBR.cfx, it looks fantastic giving an hyper-realistic effect.
Is it possible (in the detail opt) to display the number of textures used by the model in the Model Open Dialog box (as it is done for filters).

vincent, 8 months ago

Thank you very much Michiel for the great update

chaver, 8 months ago

On va faire des vidéos avec de plus en plus de réalisme.
Merci Michel.

le beau jojo, 8 months ago

Wow! The models looks awesome!
Thank you so much, Michiel!

Ulli, 8 months ago

wow, looks incredible. works and easy to do. Thank you very much. Awesome update.

Decentralized, 8 months ago

Non riesco a entrare del tutto nel mondo 3D anche per mancanza di fantasia, pero cio non mi impedisce di vedere cosa si puo realizzare con questo fantastico programma grazie anche a tutti coloro che con il loro continuo lavoro e ricerche migliorano BT contnuamente mettendo a disposizione opzioni ed effetti veramente spettacolari.

nonnogio, 8 months ago

Thank you all!

Vincent, the list of textures used by the 3D models can be found in the MODELS tab of the <Ctrl><F1> dialog. In the TEXTURES tab all textures used by all layers are listed.

michiel, 8 months ago

Ok michiel, thank you.

vincent, 8 months ago

Thank you very much Michielใ€‚

liuyongcai, 8 months ago

Fantastic work.

Just an opinion but I think this upgrade is along the lines of being "major". I.e. you should charge for it.

PiPPi, 8 months ago

Thank you very much PiPPi for your donation!

michiel, 8 months ago

I have stocked up on pretty much all. Some Bixpacks I don't need but I buy them anyway as a small way to try to support Outerspace Software.

PiPPi, 8 months ago

Thank you all very much!

michiel, 8 months ago

Great collection of models. Is there a BT template file of this?

lightads, 8 months ago

Lightads, in version 16.2 it's super easy to create a scene as in the screenshot. The links to the 3D models can be found in the above description, you only have to touch the basic POSITION, ROTATION and SIZE properties of the model layers. All the complex material, texture and effect settings are loaded and applied fully automatically.

michiel, 8 months ago

Wow! Absolutely stunning.

steveg, 8 months ago

Appuyé par la vox populi du forum je m’associe à leurs commentaires élogieux

PAT67, 8 months ago

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