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While playing with fragment explosion both for text layers and a model layer, it crossed my mind, how cool would it look, if we would have a feature like "Submodel Flexibility". The submodels in a model layer all have a number assigned as seen in the "Submodel" prop. So delaying those in their order or randomly while exploding fragments, rotating them or say changing their transparency could make for a very cool and dynamic effect. I would exactly keep the settings from text layers' flexibility. Only in the 3rd slider it could be groups of nth models instead of words, maybe.

If possible, could you please take this into consideration, Michiel? A thousand thanks in advance!

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Yea, that would open a creative door.

lightads, a week ago

Interesting idea. I like it because the FLEXIBILITY prop of the text layer is one of the truly unique and most powerful features of BluffTitler. But also one of its most cryptic ones...

The difference with the text layer is that the characters in a text have a natural order: from left to right. There's no natural order of the submodels in a 3D model: it's the logic of the model designer or worse, the optimization of the GLB exporter. So they are already random and changing randomness has little visual result. I can only see this work with specially designed models, but in this case the explosion effect can be stored more efficiently in the model file.

Realize that it can already be done by rendering every submodel by its own layer. This is more work, but gives you total control. Before implementing this feature I would use this technique to create a proof of concept show.

michiel, a week ago

Thanks for your prompt answer, Michiel. I've tested your suggestion and it works perfectly. And it's a lot of work, as you've said. The linked show includes a model file, which I've broken into pieces by hand. Therefore the submodels are in perfect order and the proposed "Submodel Flexibility" prop would work great. But, like you've mentioned also correctly before, I'm sure there are a lot of unoptimized models out there which wouldn't work this way. Nevertheless the flexibility would provide a way to cascade the explosion or similar animations, if not in perfect order. It's up to you, if you deem the implementation worth it under those circumstances.

Thor5ten, a week ago

I gave it some further thought while waking up in the morning. Michiel, you might be right about "Submodel Flexibility" not delivering the desired results and being therefore too confusing.

So it popped up in my head: Why not having a SUBMODEL range? 😁

The SUBMODEL prop currently uses only the first slider. If that first slider is at 0, the second and third slider could be a range of displayed submodels. 2nd slider: 5 and 3rd slider: 10 means we are seeing submodel 5 to 10. A "negative" range from 10 to 5 could mean, that these submodels are excluded and only submodels 1 to 4 and 11 to 13 are shown. In effect one can copy the model and have different ranges available to keyframe whatever animation fits suit, without the constraints of flexibility and without the hassle to have to deal with lots of single submodels. Maybe that would be a more feaseable way to go. Anyway, thanks for your time, Michiel!

Thor5ten, a week ago

Other users have suggested making the SUBMODEL prop 3D so it can show 3 submodels instead of 1.

Or a dialog with a checkbox for every submodel.

michiel, a week ago

It comes down to these questions: Do you consider any of those suggestions practicable and if so, do they break legacy and more so, are they a progression worth the effort?

3 submodels instead of 1 would be a start and like the range proposal slider-controlled which would be a typical BT UI paradigm. The dialog with checkboxes would be a bit unusual but future proof. But that is just my opinion. I don't know what the others think and what you would be taking into consideration.

I can't thank you enough for what BT is already capable of. I'm looking forward to your decision.

Thor5ten, a week ago

support !

shoji M, a week ago

Another user suggested to interpret the SUBMODEL prop value binary. This way 12, which is 1100 binary, means that only submodels 3 and 4 are rendered. Yes, you can be very creative in creating very cryptic properties 😁

michiel, a week ago

Michiel, please do it in hexadecimal! 😋

Thor5ten, a week ago

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