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michiel | 10 years ago | 16 comments | 9 likes | 7,357 views

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We have 3 exciting updates for you:

Version 10.0 includes 60 new Windows 8 (Metro) style buttons. The tool window is now resizable, making it fit on any desktop up to full HD.

Version 10 is a free upgrade for registered users!

The theme of BixPack 9 is emotions.

Joel Cooper has done a terrific job expressing love, hope, happiness, excitement, fear and anger in 30 new templates!

BixPack 10 offers spectacular 3D splines, shields, billboards and planets flying through outer space.

Carlos Marques really surpassed himself in this amazing new pack!

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As always, you can download the latest version from the download page:

michiel, 10 years ago

And the new template packs can be found here:

michiel, 10 years ago

Thank you very good!:)

Where is it?
New physics effects: ZigZag and Robotic

LostBoyz, 10 years ago

LostBoyz, you can find them in the dropdown to the right of the layers dropdown:

michiel, 10 years ago

Thank you Michiel! Very good!:)

LostBoyz, 10 years ago

HOMERUN! Michiel, you and your crew are awesome, thanks for the upgrades!

BillyJack, 10 years ago

Has purchased two packages

liuyongcai, 10 years ago


michiel, 10 years ago

Thank you Michiel for this nice upgrade !!!

vincent, 10 years ago

Michelle: Suggestion Tool window to adjust the minimum 640X360 window better upgrade is great!

liuyongcai, 10 years ago

Dear Michiel, Do you have any new IPC Messages and player arguments in this version?

SamSaam, 10 years ago

Which IPC messages would you like to have?

BTW, any news about your LRC/Karaoke tool?

michiel, 10 years ago

Dear michiel, I am not such powerful programmer just like you,
because I couldn't make bt files for making stream of texts with effects and synch with sound/video positions, I couldn't seek to a special position of sound or video with bt, I lost the project.

I wish to control all properties of bt and layers with IPC ;) and also:
*Reload XML
*read layer Properties From XML
*goto Next/Before/First/Last Item Tag of XML
*event On Click on a layer I need to get the name of layer and its URL
*seek to [for BTshow/Audios/Videos]
*lunch an Event on key[x]
*dir: [showing audio/videos like images]
*A mechanism for showing my external forms and windows on a special layer, If there is a way for getting the handle of each layer, now there are many fantastic screensaver if there was a solution for showing them at the background of BT show...

SamSaam, 10 years ago

Michiel, can't find this new version in the download page or in the links you suggest.

Is it because I'm still using Windows 7 ?

snafu, 10 years ago

Download page worked ok for me.

Try refreshing the page by pressing CTRL F5 in your browser.

IBMedia, 10 years ago

Great upgrade. Love the new polished interface.

Vanlen, 10 years ago

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