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michiel | 12 years ago | 6 comments | 2,945 views

Since version 7.5.3 BluffTitler features the possibility to export your shows as compressed AVI files with transparency info (32 bits RGBA).

Use is limited because encoders that can handle transparency are rare. We've only found 3:

1) CineForm HD Codec V 4.5.1
2) CineForm HD Encoder
3) Huffyuv v2.1.1

Applications that can correctly import compressed transparent video files are even rarer, so you will have to do some experimenting to find out if it works for you. Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects should work fine.

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The Huffyuv encoder can be found here. Don't forget to flag the ENABLE RGBA COMPRESSION checkbox in the settings dialog.

michiel, 12 years ago

Thanks Michiel. No problems with huffyuv alpha video generated by Bluff in Vegas .


XarquS, 12 years ago

Amazing. Huffyuv must be the most compatible codec in the world!!!

BluffTitler's video layer also has no problems playing Huffyuv encoded videos.

michiel, 12 years ago

Yes its an old post, but Huffy deserves some more thumbs up - still going strong 3 years later. So hurrah for that and the its author Ben Rudiak-Gould!

Per, 9 years ago

If you're looking to create lossless masters in Windows only, I can highly recommend trying Lagarith for compressed lossless, with and without alpha.

Similar to HuffyUV but with smaller file sizes (often much smaller in BT type renders).

viddy, 8 years ago

Yes, alas I had to leave huffy behind since it doesn't seem to exist for 64 bit - Lagraith however does.

Per, 8 years ago

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