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Fresh new BixPack 35 promo

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 8 comments

Here's a fresh new BixPack 35 promo! This video explains how you can use the bumper templates... Read Article

request for timeline markers in preferences

Rorysee | a week ago | 10 comments

if possible please can we have a adjustable markers SET UP for the TL. and also multiple select for... Read Article

Tech News

Dani | a week ago | 8 comments

Telugu Tech news.. Read Article

moving shows around

seande | a week ago | 1 comment

Hi is it possible to move all contents of a show to the bottom left or right so I can use it in the bottom... Read Article

Digital juice

Filip | a week ago | 2 comments

Michiel is it possible to use PS layered fonts in BluffTitler? Read Article


Filip | a week ago | 2 comments

It seems to me that the FX beam Center Color and the Beam Light Color property settings has no effect... Read Article

Psychedelic Plasma

michiel | a week ago | 9 comments

Applying the Filters/Posterize effect to a plasma using a bright colourful texture gives a nice psychedelic... Read Article

Moving Element at Different Rates

lightads | 2 weeks ago | 6 comments

Is there a way of moving elements at different rates? Sometimes I need to move an element very slightly... Read Article


roberto666 | 2 weeks ago | 8 comments

Here´s a book-promotion as first demo Read Article

Text Z-slices

Filip | 2 weeks ago | 5 comments

I wanted to make a layered text with the Z-slices text style, in which each layer has a different color.... Read Article

Reflets et Mouvements / Reflections and Movements

Alex-Raymond T. | 2 weeks ago | 13 comments

Modèle basique gratuit de chez 3D CAD BROWSER, comme exemple. De nombreux modèles plus... Read Article

Z slices

Filip | 2 weeks ago | 5 comments

I am playing with the Text layer style 3 Z-slices style (and the other slices styles). It offers (for... Read Article

BIXPACK 35 - Lower Thirds Variation!

ID Production | 2 weeks ago | 5 comments

Promo video for TV Sports Talk show using latest BixPack 35 LowerThirds Variation! Read Article

Movie Intro

Dani | 2 weeks ago | 17 comments

(: Read Article

Creating a Star Background Without in Showing Through Foreground Objects.

steveg | 2 weeks ago | 3 comments

Hi, I created a particle layer with twinkling starts, but they also appear in front of the foreground... Read Article

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