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Show Blufftitler se para al subir a Youtube

persiana | 2 weeks ago | 4 comments

De vez en cuando, al subir un show de blufftitler AVI a youtube, se para al 95% y no terminade subir.... Read Article

Flight Simulators

SMSgtRod | 2 weeks ago | 4 comments

Could it be possible to incorporate some of the great flight simulator scenery in to BT and then add... Read Article

Earth 2.

LostBoyz | 2 weeks ago | 7 comments

Earth 2. Read Article

Feature Request: Reopen Recent Shows.

steveg | 2 weeks ago | 3 comments

Could you please add an option to the File menu to Reopen Recent Shows. Thanks. = Steve Read Article

Orient Express

vincent | 3 weeks ago | 21 comments

Most parts done with sketchs and EPS. Decidedly I’m upset with the depth bias. (v2... Read Article

Where do I install the BixPack templates?

michiel | 3 weeks ago | 1 comment

Here's a common support question: where do I install the BixPack templates? The answer is:... Read Article

easy trace path from Inkscape to BluffT

Rorysee | 3 weeks ago | 14 comments

Use the latest version of Inkscape and export the selected path as a bitmap. if anyone wants the... Read Article

Bluff City.. from...BixPack 33 | City Lights

Dani | 3 weeks ago | 12 comments

The above template is taken from BixPack 33 | City Lights Template 20_NewYork5.. i just played around... Read Article

Earth v.2

LostBoyz | 3 weeks ago | 9 comments

Earth v.2 Read Article

Yet another interiormap test

Filip | 3 weeks ago | 10 comments

@Jeep35 I tried to use model files with the interiormap, and you are right: no succes! But who needs... Read Article

Interior mapping tutorial

Jeep35 | 3 weeks ago | 13 comments

I think that we all need a quick tutorial on how to use the interiormap effect. What we see is not perfect.... Read Article

Interiormap Test

Dani | 3 weeks ago | 13 comments

Interiormap just awesome... a small test.. Read Article

Using Blender models with Blufftitler animations

onetake7 | 3 weeks ago | 8 comments

I have been using Blufftitler for video animation titles for years. I recently started using Blufftitler... Read Article

Interiormap test

Franco Aversa | 3 weeks ago | 11 comments

I created a 3d room, I took the single wall and deformed it on the floor with a perspective deformation.... Read Article

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