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BirthDay PopUp 2

Alex-Raymond T. | 2 weeks ago | 6 comments

Voici une 2e carte d’anniversaire basée sur l’effet « FX PopUpBook » pour... Read Article

DJ Robot

vincent | 2 weeks ago | 16 comments

Again Robotic Arm Layer (VJ controled) and Control Panel CFXs Read Article


nonnogio | 2 weeks ago | 5 comments

Video eseguito con BluffTitler e Bixelangelo. Read Article

Don't fire phasers in the Badlands | Model Jumble

Thor5ten | 2 weeks ago | 9 comments

Finally had time to get a Star Trek related show coupled with the jumble feature on a pre-fractured 3D... Read Article


gato@mo | 2 weeks ago | 6 comments

Hola me gustaría que avatar tuviera (Rodillas y codos) saludos a todos Read Article

Baby Shower December 2021

Kanon | 2 weeks ago | 5 comments

Baby Shower Read Article

FX PopUpBook

Alex-Raymond T. | 2 weeks ago | 12 comments

Je viens juste de terminer la carte d’anniversaire d’une de mes petites-filles en utilisant... Read Article

Cobra Kai

elvis66 | 2 weeks ago | 1 comment Read Article

I Love QR Code

taotao000001 | 2 weeks ago | 5 comments

I Love QR Code............\(^___________^)y Read Article

What time is it ?

vincent | 2 weeks ago | 19 comments

Ask to the Robot. Robotic arm layer used as arm and fingers. Read Article

How to add old film movie-like noise and scratches to the en

aki | 2 weeks ago | 3 comments

Hello I want to add noise and scratches like old film movies to the entire screen. I searched for effects... Read Article

FX PopUpBook

Alex-Raymond T. | 2 weeks ago | 8 comments

Vue d'artiste (à supposer que j'en soit un !) de ce nouvel effet. Ce serait bien s'il... Read Article

Laser Eyes

Decentralized | 2 weeks ago | 6 comments

The Spotlight Cone CFX works great for laser eyes. Just put your person and two spotlights in a container,... Read Article

For Steveg

Filip | 2 weeks ago | 7 comments

Is this what you want to create? Read Article

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pete baratta: Thanks, Michiel. That helped...just need to find my... 12 hours ago

LostBoyz: Thank you Ulli. 13 hours ago

michiel: Maybe these shows from the installer can get you started:... a day ago

Ulli: Wow, I like Wild West themes. Your show looks gorgeous,... a day ago

Ulli: Great, I like the 3D emoji. 👍 a day ago

Ulli: Great result, John. a day ago

Ulli: Very well done, John. a day ago

Ulli: Wow, it´s wonderful. a day ago

Ulli: This looks awesome and it is very funny. a day ago

taotao000001: I like make a gif file form Blufftitler,and used gif... 2 days ago

PAT67: je fais un petit montage dans BT puis j'utilise... 3 days ago

LostBoyz: Thank you all! komies, everything is possible 🤭 3 days ago

PAT67: Très bien réalisé ,bravo LB 3 days ago

Thor5ten: Nice textures and a really deep 3-dimensional impression.... 3 days ago

michiel: It's an outdated format so don't expect good... 3 days ago

michiel: Really great shadows! 3 days ago

vincent: Great show LB. 3 days ago

Franco Aversa: I really like the idea of the scenography composed.... 3 days ago

Decentralized: Most excellent. 4 days ago

komies: Always thought that LostBoyz where Vampires but now... 4 days ago

Filip: Love the whole show, the barn, the cowboy stuff, the... 4 days ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Thanks Michiel, I agree and this is the method I used.... 4 days ago

bambamD: thanks BROSS! 4 days ago

michiel: No workaround at all because a filmstrip gives you... 4 days ago

vincent: Great visual slogan ! 4 days ago

Filip: Great love it! 4 days ago

Filip: Great music. 4 days ago

vincent: Nice final result ! 4 days ago

lightads: I love the Berlin School of Music genre. 4 days ago

LostBoyz: Thank you Fantastic! 4 days ago

LostBoyz: Cool ! :) 4 days ago

LostBoyz: Cool show! 4 days ago

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