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119 articles found by komies!

BluffTitler 64 Bits Public Beta

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 72 comments

As you know, we are working on a 64 bits version of BluffTitler. This is the biggest technology... Read Article

BluffTitler 64bit

komies | 2 months ago | 1 comment

This article is created just to link to another article that contains in my opinion essential information... Read Article

Uneven Floor Neon Room

komies | 2 months ago | 17 comments

Well this was a Challenge, It looks easy enough, a uneven jumbled floor that reflects this surroundings... Read Article

Star Trek Picard [DL]

komies | 3 months ago | 14 comments

Made this just for fun after seeing the series. What do you all think of this new Star Trek: Picard... Read Article

The Power of the Community?

komies | 3 months ago | 5 comments

I'm stuck maybe someone can help me? When you have a texture with 6 different equal faces... Read Article

Handwriting in BluffTitler [DL]

komies | 7 months ago | 9 comments

Last year I made a suggestion to Filip on how to do a Writing of a Nice Font with Bixelangelo and therefore... Read Article

A Game of Interiors

komies | 9 months ago | 6 comments

I have been asking myself how the pseudo random FX Interior Pattern works because with any slider I set... Read Article

Request: Selfmade Sketch Shape

komies | 11 months ago | 9 comments

@Michiel Franco saw the same ICE-CREAM Tutorial as me and like me was wondering about translating this... Read Article

Cracks trick

komies | a year ago | 8 comments

This is a show from BIXPACK 8 - Dust, Dirt & Destruction\ When you look at the... Read Article

Destructive Text

komies | a year ago | 15 comments

Michiel can we start a dialog? Filip was the last to ask for a version of shattering of text. ... Read Article

Also not Mine, realtime rendered in game engine Unreal

komies | a year ago | 10 comments

Yes I know BluffTitler is essentially a Titler for short intro's and outro's and it does that... Read Article

Not mine, but may I dream.

komies | a year ago | 6 comments

A Realtime rendered demo made in CryEngine that uses a AMD Vega56 Graphics card with DirectX12 or Vulcan... Read Article

Tinsel Tree

komies | a year ago | 12 comments

Merry Christmas, Everyone Also for yours to keep, Use it, Change it, Learn from it. Read Article

Christmas Particle Tree

komies | a year ago | 20 comments

I extended the MagicTree sketch so it start out of view and kept it short and with fast loading in mind.... Read Article

UVModifier Property Request

komies | a year ago | 8 comments

@Michiel While making the Paint Splatter Demo, I had to make an EPS out of the text because I couldn't... Read Article

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bigfish: michiel, thanx for clearing this out. unfortunatly,... 2 hours ago

Eddy: Rorysee, J'aime l'Ile Maurice et son sega,... 10 hours ago

ID Production: Hi Pioneer, This project with 6 split screens was... 13 hours ago

michiel: You could use a picture layer with the Picture\Plane2Cylinder... 17 hours ago

steveg: Hi Michiel, No worries. I'm happy to do... 19 hours ago

michiel: Steve, it would be wonderful if you could help us testing... 21 hours ago

steveg: Hi Michiel, Ok, no problem. So the 64 bit version... 21 hours ago

michiel: Steve, I do not recommend mixing different versions.... 22 hours ago

Rorysee: intro with drone footage on my other channel 23 hours ago

steveg: Hi Michiel, When I go to install the 64-Bit version... a day ago

PAT67: Belle intro a day ago

lightads: Great Autel intro show. a day ago

Pioneer: Michiel. Just thought I would let you know how well... a day ago

Filip: Great show. Now one with the a drone video.... a day ago

persiana: Muchas gracias a los tres por vuestros comentarios a day ago

michiel: Bigfish, the current beta uses the QTRLE codec for... a day ago

Eddy: Maravilloso (J.M.) aka persiana. 2 days ago

bigfish: Michiel, you turned out to be right as for lagarith... 2 days ago

eforica: Wow. I am now able to render in 8K !!!!!!!!!!!!! ... 2 days ago

cheyenne: Merci Michiel 2 days ago

vincent: Efecto muy agradable 2 days ago

michiel: Yes, very good. Every video deserves a title! 2 days ago

cheyenne: michiel voila j'ai mis un titre a ma vidéo... 2 days ago

Filip: Romatic! Love it! 2 days ago

eforica: i love and rely on the 1st icon for over 10 years 2 days ago

PAT67: Belle ambiance de l'ouest américain. ... 2 days ago

cheyenne: De rien Eddy amitiés 3 days ago

Eddy: Merci cheyenne pour ce cadeau. A+ 3 days ago

cheyenne: Merci Michiel une belle affiche au début de... 3 days ago

lightads: What a great show Cheyenne. A lot of props and elements... 3 days ago

persiana: Muchas gracias Ulli 3 days ago

Filip: What a show! The details! love it!. Thnx for the... 3 days ago