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BLACKOUT music track with BT graphic titling

Pixelpanther | 11 months ago | 13 comments

Well I've certainly been kept busy recently with designing, but took a day off today and made a... Read Article

A Valentine's show to play with

Pixelpanther | a year ago | 17 comments

A simple little show using a few of the standard built in features of BT including the recently added... Read Article

BT Coming to a screen near... well me actually

Pixelpanther | a year ago | 9 comments

Hi BT Peeps, Just a quick sneak preview of one of the near finished shows which will be featuring in... Read Article

BT - ShutterShow

Pixelpanther | a year ago | 18 comments

Hi BT Peeps A quick attached show for the community, demonstrating the simplicity of using an effect... Read Article

BluffTitler - What can you create?

Pixelpanther | a year ago | 11 comments

Another little fun BT promo featuring the recently added and very popular control panel. Shape for rover... Read Article

Suggestion - Refresh Button

Pixelpanther | a year ago | 2 comments

Hi Michiel, I've found that especially with use of the new VJ Layer Dialog box I am accidentally... Read Article

VJ Panel Audio

Pixelpanther | a year ago | 4 comments

Hello BT Peeps, Just decided to try the VJ Panel using audio rather than the bpm oscillator and nothing... Read Article

Bix Goes Clubbing

Pixelpanther | a year ago | 16 comments

Making use of the new VJ dialog and perhaps giving Bix a much needed day out in the process ;) Music... Read Article

Made with BluffTitler - Cheers!

Pixelpanther | a year ago | 9 comments

Hello BT Peeps! Couldn't resist a little promo for BluffTitler. The glass eps was made by Bixangelo... Read Article

DATACORE a show to play with

Pixelpanther | a year ago | 14 comments

Hi BT Peeps A little show for you to play with. It demonstrates that even simple lines of text and combining... Read Article

BluffTitler - Always Impressive

Pixelpanther | a year ago | 15 comments

Hi Bluff Peeps, Been a while since I have been active on the community, but following a serious accident... Read Article

Happy New Year

Pixelpanther | a year ago | 8 comments

Wishing Michiel & The BluffTitler Team a very Happy 2020. And to all the BT Artists both old and... Read Article

Simple is good ;)

Pixelpanther | 2 years ago | 9 comments

Sometimes the simplest of things are pleasing. BT is a constant learning process, because there is just... Read Article

Affinity Designer and BT

Pixelpanther | 2 years ago | 6 comments

Has anyone successfully managed to create EPS from Affinity designer for use in BT. I know bixangelo... Read Article

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LostBoyz: Hi Michiel! is it possible to create this? Thank you! an hour ago

Filip: Thnx Michiel...I'm always trying to reinventing... 2 hours ago

Franco Aversa: Super Mega Bello !! I did not understand how I entered... 3 hours ago

chaver: Thank you ulli 4 hours ago

michiel: Creative thinking Vincent! The combination of the... 4 hours ago

michiel: Maybe this installer template can get you started:... 4 hours ago

Filip: I like this one better. The colourmap is a great feature!... 6 hours ago

Filip: Thnx komies. I'm trying also to work with the... 7 hours ago

agpvn: Thanks all Friend . @lightads : i use text effect... 7 hours ago

komies: This comes close from Artist:Thor5ten It's a... 7 hours ago

Filip: Great experiment love it. Thnx for sharing 7 hours ago

PAT67: Merci à vous tous 8 hours ago

PAT67: Génial Vincent et merci pour la distribution... 8 hours ago

Ulli: πŸŽΈπŸ‘ 8 hours ago

Ulli: This is so colourfull; I like it! Thank you so much... 8 hours ago

Ulli: This is a great idea, PAT! 9 hours ago

Ulli: Great, thank you so much, Michiel! 9 hours ago

LostBoyz: AWESOME, thank you vincent! 9 hours ago

Ulli: Great demonstration, Komies! 9 hours ago

Filip: Nice Show agpvn! 13 hours ago

Franco Aversa: the reference is to the alignment of the pivot point,... 13 hours ago

Franco Aversa: Great! 13 hours ago

PAT67: Belle prestation. Ligtads il faut utiliser les paramètres... 13 hours ago

PAT67: Pour un premier projet c'est une belle réussite 14 hours ago

LostBoyz: Great show! 14 hours ago

LostBoyz: Fantastic Michiel, thank you! 14 hours ago

lightads: Very interesting show. How did you get circle at the... 15 hours ago

lightads: Well done. Enjoy making more Bluff projects. 15 hours ago

agpvn: that's great Michiel. I think we should soon have... 16 hours ago

persiana: Gracias Michiel por una buena actualización a day ago

persiana: Muy bien, una buena demostración a day ago

persiana: Muy bien a day ago

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