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komies | 6 years ago | 11 comments | 6 likes | 2,346 views

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In the last lesson we learned about some fields of the Tool window F11 like:


The three Layer listboxes
to select different layer effects. Every layer has its own effects

The Properties listbox

The Layers listbox

The Physics listbox

The Time Slider

The F9 Function Key
Changes the Texture file / Changes the Effect file

The Almighty CTRL + SHIFT
Render only the active layer

Now you will learn a faster way to get to the same info:

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Open the same show C:\Outerspace Software\BluffTitler\Media\Shows\

And Press (Ctrl + F1) for Technical info about this show. (see link)

Is this compact info or is this compact info.

If you are wondering about the Effects A B C this refers to The three Layer listboxes and the numbers the listing of that effect.

It also occurred to me that this would make a wonderful diagnostic tool together with a video of the show, so we can see where it going wrong and with the technical info see how the show was build.

But unfortunately you cannot just copy / paste it here in the forum because it will screw-up the table format.

komies, 6 years ago

On this same Technical info sheet you can click on the version tab (see link).

Where you will see that for version / Yes I also don’t have version 12 yet ;( at the moment of typing )You will see the:

- 14 different types of layers
- the number of effects of The Three Layers Listbox (Effect A B C)
- the number of properties settings of The Properties listbox

This will give you 86 + 22 + 63 + 182 + 19 physics = 372 effects you can use for your show (and counting) excluding the .fx files that can be in putted by the F9

When you go down this sheet you can see per layer type which effect is available for this layer.
You don’t need to memorize all the effects, there will be no quiz.

komies, 6 years ago

BluffTitler comes also with a collection of more than 70 .FX effects, ready to use and specially designed for video titling.

komies, 6 years ago

Another way to learn fast from a shows is what I call (as of now) the Double Bluff.

When you open Blufftitler from start or hyperlink you can place it on the right halve of the screen.

Now you go the show you like to learn more from or try to understand like: C:\Outerspace Software\BluffTitler\Media\Shows\

When you open it from there a second instance op Blufftitler will be opened by file association and you can place this on the left halve of your screen and now you can try to rebuild that show with the Technical info as guidance.

People with a dual monitor setup, will know what to do.

komies, 6 years ago

When you are in a position that you what to borrow some elements of a show and want to use it in a different show, all or not made by yourself you can MERGE shows together:

1. Save the basis show in which you want to import in (just in case)
2. Prepare the show you want to borough from, by deleting everything you don’t need.
You can delete the light and camera at last but you can also keep them so can see and visit this show as standalone again. You then have to delete this two layers because will be double now.
3. Save this show with a new name, so the original stays intact. Remember the length of the show.
4. Open the basis show
5. Press CTRL + M
6. Choose the prepared show
7. Edit and Save this now altered Show.

When you are making a complex object like a motorbike out of .eps I like to put them in a new show in a container layer and merge them in a show when I might need it.

Video is make by EPS Master: Vincent

komies, 6 years ago

When you are building a show from scratch or better insight in a large show it is a good idea the name the layers recognizable especially for making templates.

Goto to the layer you want to the name of and press (Ctrl+Q) or Click on the Menu Bar (Layer>Active Layer Properties).

When you want to find something in a show:

Then press (Ctrl+F) or Click on the Menu Bar (Edit>Find…)
Press (Ctrl+G) or Click on the Menu Bar (Edit>Next) for the next item found.

komies, 6 years ago

And for closing of this lesson when you are stuck in your show PRESS (F1) or Click on the Menu Bar (Help>User Guide)

komies, 6 years ago

Next Sunday the topic will be: Basics 2.1 The Textlayer

There will be an assignments with the next parts, and I like to see some show-offs from participants.

Please type in the comment box the following if you want to participate.


komies, 6 years ago

Great info.Thanks a lot :)

chaver, 6 years ago

Keep it up with this lessons, they are very instructive !

snafu, 6 years ago


EverettM, 6 years ago

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