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komies | a year ago | 8 comments | 542 views


While making the Paint Splatter Demo, I had to make an EPS out of the text because I couldn't figure out how to apply the colourmap layer to the whole word instead of individual characters.

Could the UVModifier.cfx have an property like the Rainbow Text Effect: FX Characters=0, Words=1 this would make it templatable.

Also many other effects come to mind if this option could be realized!

Thanks in advance for looking at this.

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Wasn't it possible to use Special\UVMapper?

michiel, a year ago

The Texture mapping property is not working with Special\UVMapper as you can see in this image, if this is easier then that would be great too.

And I believe using the Inflated style and inflate.cfx on the same object 6 times takes a lot of the Cpu but ones it is calculated it is no issue, until it needs a recalculation, but that is a price I'm willing to pay. But if you think you can optimize this then that would also be also very welcome.

komies, a year ago

Image looks good to me. Very nice!

What's wrong with it?

michiel, a year ago


Well I like this picture better because with UVModifier the Texture mapping property works which makes it possible to colour the sides of the "logo" in this show.

With the UVMapper the Texture mapping is visible but has no effect, just as the Texture position and Texture Size above this.

With UVModifier they do work but the texture only applies per letter.

So the workaround was to make the text into a single object that could have depth (sides) by turning it into a EPS file. This I could do, programming/editing the .CFX to make the Texture mapping work for UVMapper or to edit the UVModifier so it would have an option to apply the texture to the whole word I cannot.

This is why I turned to you (the programmer) with this request.

Why isn't the Texture mapping working for UVMapper?

komies, a year ago

In version, the Special\UVMapper effect has been extended with 3 new props:
FX Planar mapping
FX World space
FX Texture clamp

When you set them to respectively:

I think it does exactly what you want.

michiel, a year ago

Thank you very much, Michiel

That's one of the things I love about Outerspace Software, they listen to the users and you have direct contact with the CEO and lead programmer and where possible help and or change by request. Again thanks It is more then I asked for.

I've been playing quickly with the new properties and Plannar mapping 3 seems to be the same as Texture mapping property that does not work in UVMapper.

Could you write down with these new properties exactly do?
I will continue to play with these new properties, It's like Christmas or Sinterklaas for me.

Thank you, Santa Claus
Dank je wel, Sinterklaas

komies, a year ago

If the FX Planar mapping is 1, the colour does not change in the x direction.
If the FX Planar mapping is 2, the colour does not change in the y direction.
If the FX Planar mapping is 3, the colour does not change in the z direction.

If FX World space is 1, the colours change when you move the layer.

If FX Texture clamp is 1, the texture is not repeated.

The values I gave in my previous comment are for your paint splatter trick. In the screenshot the picture layer and the text layer use the Special\UVMapper effect with the same values.

In the upper right the texture they both use.

michiel, a year ago

I'm testing them,

Thanks for these many options.

komies, a year ago

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