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michiel | 12 years ago | 6 comments | 10 likes | 8,850 views

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The next version of BluffTitler introduces the lens flare layer!

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Are those pre-installed shapes or can we use custom shapes? The reason I ask is I was just reading about Bokeh filters.


kf_daddy, 12 years ago

You can change the flare texture by pressing the CHANGE TEXTURE... button.

The amount of flares and their positions, sizes and colours can be adjusted with layer properties.

And your settings can be saved as a preset so that you can easily use the same lens flare in another show.

What do you like about the Bokeh filters?

michiel, 12 years ago

I have some Alien Skin plugins that I use a lot and I was reading about their new bokeh plugin for photoshop. The price was too steep for me, $200, but I got curious about the whole bokeh thing since I'd never heard of it before.

One thing led to another and I found this flickr site with some interesting photos

Your soon to be released lens flare fx reminded me of some of the pictures I saw using the shape option. I think it's interesting that these people have these cameras that could easily cost several thousand dollars and yet they're using craft paper that costs about 1 to create these colorful and interesting images.

It seems to me a lot of those blur effects can be accomplished with existing photoshop tools and a little bit of patience. But the light shapes aren't so easily done in photoshop. But . . . . your lens flare looks like it will be a step in the direction towards adding a bokeh fx to BT.

So I'm looking forward to what is coming down the road. :-)


kf_daddy, 12 years ago

Can the len flare takes the path created by Bixelangelo and a GIF animated texture?

bylaw, 12 years ago

That is a very good suggestion. In the current beta version you can only attach a lens flare to a light layer, but I think it would indeed be very useful if you could also attach it to a sketch layer. Or maybe conceptually it would be better if you could attach that light to a sketch.

Interesting experiments!

michiel, 12 years ago

Is there a release date for the next BT-Version?

abcodie, 12 years ago

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